Friday, April 27, 2012

C4T #4 Summary Post

On week 1, I commented on Amendment 6 by Kevin on  Anthony Capps Class Blog. In my comment, I agreed to the fact that the sixth amendment should protect us when we need a lawyer to defend us in our cases and our rights as citizens of the United States.

Sixth Amendment

On week 2, I commented on Amendment 9 by Dana on Anthony Capps Class Blog. In my comment, I agreed that the ninth amendment gives the citizens of the United States to have rights that are not listed in the Constitution. There are many examples that go together with this amendment. The Constitution does not have an amendment for the citizens of the United States to choose a job, to get married, or to have children because the citizens of the United States have those rights to do these things when they want to.

Ninth Amendment

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blog Post #13

This week's blog post was very challenging, yet interesting for me because on the days I do not have class or work to do, I am watching television and on my laptop on a daily basis. When I'm on my laptop, I listen to music as well because music makes me feel calm and helps me concentrate when I'm multitasking as well. To make it through this blog post, i will read a lot of books to avoid using any type of technology. Also, I will go out with friends instead of using a cell phone to communicate. I am not a big fan of using house phones because I have no privacy when I'm on the phone.

No Technology Picture

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Report on Final Project

 Work in Progress

For my final project, I partnered with Kristen Cobbs. We have been keeping in contact with one another through e-mails. We have met in person twice to talk about projects 15 and 16. For project 15, we have decided to do a lesson plan for kindergarten on the four seasons of the year. For project 16, we have been discussing our different ideas, but we have not yet decided on what we are going to do.